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maggy, red ted art

Oh my goodness what a fabulous idea, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these. You are one clever lady.


Dear Maggy. Thank you. WAW you make me happy! The idea is not mine but my ever inventing kids who came up with it this summer. We have been saving the idea for our upcoming theme on creative things to do with kids in the autumn break.

Hannah @ Making Boys Men

So simple, but I would never have come up with it in a million years - well done to your kids! I used to love spinning tops when I was little, hours of fun!

This is a fantastic use for Hama beads, now I know what I've going to do with the boys when they come home from school. With Chanukah a month away, it's now tops season, so this is perfect! Thanks so much and do drop by my linking party sometime, a great way to connect with crafters around the world!

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